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Menu Sprx ExtortionGTA SPRX PS3 [ Menu Payant ] V4.1.8.2

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Mes Salutations aux membres, Je mets a votre disposition la version PKG du célèbre menu sprx payant Extortion .
Extortion V3.9 est un menu stable avec des options hors normes.
Comme vous le savez tous, il faut acheter une licence a 20 euros sur le site officiel du menu ici .
Si vous possédez déjà une licence active sur votre console , le menu fonctionnera sans aucun problème.

Cette nouvelle version a des options incroyables tels que la mise automatique du sprx ( petite modif a faire depuis filezila )Le fix Fix Disabled Account ... , sans oublier que le menu ne freez pas du tout .

Jeter un coup d’œil sur le changelog.

version 3.8
- Fixed Entity Blocker (Won't be able to see spawned vehicles, objects, and peds spawned by others)
- Improved chat bypass (Can hear and talk to players who have chat on friends only/crew... Use SQUARE button)
- Added GodMode detection in Modder Detection (Will display YES if they have godmode enabled)
- Ip will display correctly even with PSN name changer and jobs
- Added various script protections and protection from other paid menus
- Removed Heli Protect and replaced with "Fast Health Regen" (Main Mods 2)
- Fixed Heist Vehicles unlock and Fast run (Player Recovery)
- Added 2nd Page of Recovery options (Player Recovery)
- Added "Real Name", "Wanted Level", and "Muted Me" to Players info
- Added "Remove Sea/Water" (Miscellaneous)
- Added New ESP to Cool/Funny Options (Use SQUARE to cycle)
- Optimized functions (Smaller sprx size)

- Added Auto Updater. Menu will automatically update when an update is available! *sprx file permissions set to 777
- Increased Player List size to accomodate SCTV slots
- Added ability to join SCTV slots (On by Default)
- Added Change Weather Protection (Will tell you who is changing weather)
- Changing time is now visible to entire lobby (Weather Menu)
- Added Protection against Rockstar Broadcast mods (eg. Admin Kick, Kill Modder, etc)
- Improved Entity Blocker (No way to freeze)
- Added Advanced Spam Text Messaging Options
- Choose font, size, and number of messages
- Text message sender Spoofer (Send messages as other players) *Use SQUARE in Spam Text Messages
- Added Improved GodMode (Undetectable and cannot be killed by anything)
- Added Anti-Timeout when joining online sessions (Open Mod Menu once in story mode to activate)
- Added Honk to Jump (Cool/Funny Options)
- Added Send to Jail *Blocks their interaction menu as well (Cool/Funny Options)
- Added Fix Disabled Account *Activate in story mode and Press R3 in Choose Character Section(Recovery 2)
- Other improvements and things I forgot to mention


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