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Suite a la fermeture definitive du site de Paradise depuis un moment , le menu sprx payant Paradise deviens entièrement gratuit pour tout les joueurs .

Ceci fera la joie de certains modeurs qui ont toujours rêver de l'avoir. A profiter avec moderation :)

Cette version est en francais avec les véhicules moddés.

Menu payant Paradise sprx gta 5 version 1.5.1 sortir le 01/03/2019 .

MARCH 1ST, 2019
Paradise GTA Update 1.5.1
Added new fake leave (v2)
Added some graphical tweaks (in FPS Manager submenu)
Various bug fixes

JANUARY 31ST, 2019
Paradise GTA Update 1.5.0
Added '3D Menu Design' to settings for an experimental 3D mod menu design.
You can also add have 3D mode enabled by default by using the lastest config in the settings.xml file. Redownload from the settings submenu.
Added 'Drop Kick' to player options which is a new non-host kick function.
Made attempts to fix FPS issues
Added option ParadiseChat to the settings.xml
Added new noclip functionality to the R1/L1/R2/L2 buttons
Added 'Auto Kick Modders' to the 'Modder Protection' submenu
Added 'Whitelist Modders' so you can whitelist friends to not be kicked by the auto kick. Just go into /dev_hdd0/tmp/gopro_2027/modder_friends.txt and add your friends, 1 PSN name per line. Max of 20 friends in the list.
Added option NoAdvertise to the settings.xml which disables the text that says "using Paradise SPRX" next to your psn profile.

Please give me some feedback on some of the changes! Specifically the 3D menu design and the FPS and the new Noclip controls :)

JANUARY 21ST, 2019
Paradise GTA Update 1.4.10
Added 'Networked Location Spoofer' in 'Modder Protection'
Added 'Ninja Mode' in 'Modder Protection'
Made some teaks to the XML spawner code faster
New design! Old one was scrapped almost entirely, because it caused some performance issues and used a lot of memory.
Dev notice:
It seems as though Tsunami, when used along with the modloader scripts, causes the game to run short on memory.
If you want to use Tsunami, I reccommend you disable the modloader scripts and disable tsunami while you have the scripts enabled.
It's not required to only have 1 enabled at a time, but from my testing, having tsunami and scripts enabled at the same time can greatly increase the chance of freezing, most likely due to gta just running out of memory and crashing.
I will continue to research the issue and see if there are any possible fixes.

Paradise GTA Update
Tsunami mod! Install from the 'settings' submenu.
Credits to for the tsunami water config.

Paradise GTA Update
Patched the new freeze method commonly known as 'host freeze'
Added QA mode to admin options

Bug fix
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qui connais le nouveau site du paradis payent ?
Le Mod est excellent et super simple a installer. Validé
Bonjour merci de nous avoir partager le meilleur mode menu de gta5
Merci juste comment on fait svp quand on a télécharger le sprx sur le packages svp si quelqu'un pourrait me répondre et m'aider