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XB150 Asbestos Rubber SheetsXB200 Asbestos Rubber Sheets
XB250 Asbestos Rubber SheetsXB300 Asbestos Rubber Sheets
XB350 Asbestos Rubber SheetsXB400 Asbestos Rubber Sheets
XB450 Asbestos Rubber SheetsXB510 Asbestos Rubber Sheets
Made of asbestos Fibre, rubber and heat-resisting packing material,compressing it to thick paper .
Used for the equipment in water,steam,etc.and used as sealing material in the joints of pipeline
Working pressure : 0.8 Mpa, Max working temperature: 150℃
4600 x 1500 x (0.3 – 6.0)mm,4100 x 1500 x (0.3 – 6.0)mm,
3800 x 2700 x (0.3 – 6.0)mm ,2000 x 1500 x (0.5 – 6.0)mm,
1500 x 1360 x (0.5 – 6.0)mm, 3810 x 1270 x (0.5 – 6.0)mm
1270 x 1270 x (0.5 – 6.0)mm, 1500 x 1500 x (0.5 – 6.0)mm
The other size is optional or according to the requirements of customers.
Packing: in wooden pallet of about 1000 kgs, 2000kgs net each.
GB/T 3985-2008
Tensile strength MPa≥
Aging Coefficient ≥0.9
Burning Loss %≤2830
Compressibility rate%7-17
Rebound Rate%≥454035
Creep relaxation rate%≤50
Density g/cm³1.6 — 2.0
Nitrogen leakage rate500
Heat and pressure resistancewith the temperature of 500-510℃ and the pressure ofwith the temperature of 440-450℃ and the pressure of 11-12MPa,Keep for 30 min without puncturewith the temperature of 390-400℃ and the pressure ofwith the temperature of 340-350℃ and the pressure ofwith the temperature of 290-300℃ and the pressure ofwith the temperature of 240-250℃ and the pressure ofwith the temperature of 190-200℃ and the pressure ofwith the temperature of 140-150℃ and the pressure of
13-14MPa,Keep for 30 min without puncture8-9 MPa,Keep for 30 min without puncture7-8 Mpa,Keep for 30 min without puncture4-5 MPa,Keep for 30 min without puncture3-4Mpa,Keep for 30 min without puncture2-3MPa,Keep for 30 min without1.5-2MPa,Keep for 30 min without puncture
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